Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I finally found my blog again! I have tried several times to find it, to sync it with the Google thing, to no avail, but someone must have sprinkled fairy dust on me tonight and allowed it to all come together. I only hope I can find it again tomorrow. Rather than post about some subject "Spidey" or my pain "continuous", I'll just tell you about my day.

I woke up late to the phone ringing. My health has gotten to the point where I'm going to have to hire a maid service to clean the townhome where I live with my adult son.

The person they sent out to give our place the once-over was a diminuitive little thing named Jeannie, just like in 'I Dream of..." fame. As expected, it's about $100 or so the first visit then $80 every other week. Tears came to my eyes as she told of cleaning things that I used to be able to do myself: dust the windowsills and get out the cobwebs...wash the kitchen floor 'on our knees'...etc.

Then my youngest son got on his XBox Live where he's been ever since. Only bathroom breaks and runs to the kitchen for chips and such have kept him away from the games and friends of his in the XBox world he plays in now, rather than our front yard or the swimming pool.

Arguments abound..oldest son doesn't want to buy McDonalds for younger one...Mom thinks I'm gonna say something to son's coworkers to cause him to lose his job...young son doesn't want to get off the Xbox after 10 hours...my bones want out of my body, the hard way...and the beat goes on...