Friday, August 14, 2009

My Complaint to CBS/Big Brother Concerning Cast Member Chima Simone

Below is the letter I sent to CBS/Big Brother's feedback and complaint department this morning. I was moved to these lengths due to what appears to be a continuing favoritism of one house guest over others. I tried to gain understanding and/or get answers to my very specific question concerning Chima's sense of entitlement and her threats to disrupt events if her demands weren't met. This only led to further frustration as her actions were explained away by either stating she was a 'survivor', a 'strong woman', or was 'under undo stress'. Because Chima has not been under ANY STRESS due to gameplay past the first week when she was on the block, I felt the need to reach out to Big Brother 'himself' (lol). I'll keep you updated if I receive any answers.


Chima Simone should be removed from the show or, at least, publicly and financially penalized due to the following:

1. Her racist, prejudiced and discriminatory comments about fellow house guest, Russell, calling him a 'terrorist'; a 'contestant on America's Next Top Terrorist'; and, then loudly proclaiming that she'll SPIN her racist, and prejudiced, comments in such a way as to slide them by the rules. She said she would just imply her 'terrorist' label means Russell 'terrorizes the house'. She was totally unapologetic and lacked remorse for her comments when Julie interviewed her on the episode Thursday night.

2. Her racist and prejudiced comments towards viewers and, in particular, voters in the coup d'etat contest. Chima stated that IF Jeff won the power it was because the people who vote in such contests are women, gay men, 'Southern people who can barely speak the English know, the RED STATES'.

3. Chima judged several of fellow house guest Braden's comments as racist and prejudiced. In her live eviction speech, Chima called Braden out and insisted that these comments be taken into consideration by the other hg's when voting to evict either Braden or herself. Therefore, for Chima to demand any less severe treatment for her own comments and actions is hypocritical and biased.

4. In almost every season there is an HOH reign that is in some way altered or rendered moot altogether. Chima Simone feels entitled to demand, threaten, and browbeat Big Brother production and fellow hg's to ensure her nominations stay the same, resulting in Russell being evicted. Chima had planned and plotted total chaos if anything happened during the live show that wasn't what she desired. Ultimately, whether Chima made good on her demands or not, the television viewers were robbed of the promised LIVE show and payoff of their dedicated voting for the coup d'etat power holder. Many these viewers are those who purchase the already-less-than-advertised '24/7 live feeds' from CBS and Realplayer Superpass. The live feeders are the life's-blood of this particular reality show and we were totally disrespected yesterday. CBS's solution to Chima's threatened tantrum was to pre-tape the eviction, resulting in shutting down the feeds for 7 hours. Also, we were unable to see the direct aftermath of the live eviction and HOH competition: always a highly anticipated live-feeder pleasure and not one we relinquish willingly.

It has been rumored that in this hour Chima, Natalie, and Lydia threatened to quit the show and were paid to stay.

It boggles the mind that this one house guest should be given all this power. To broadcast Chima's telling of her rape story during her terror of an HOH reign (when actually the conversation took place in the first couple weeks of the show) might have been a ploy to get sympathy for her. It didn't work. Regardless of her 'personal tragedy' Chima's negative attitude is like a cancer in the BB house. Do us all a favor and either evict her or censure her both publicly and financially.

Thank you for your time.