Friday, August 07, 2009

Big Brother 11

I'm so thrilled this morning..but more so, just relieved.

I'm a HUGE Big Brother fan..the reality show not the book character.

Last night one of the most deceitful, hateful, condescending, and dare I say, EVIL people to ever play the game was PUT OUT by the house guests.

Ronnie did nothing but lie the entire time in the house. Ronnie, and even family members of Ronnie's, would like us to believe that he's a truthful, compassionate and gentle person in real life. If that is true, he sure can hide it. I'm not a big online or computer gamer...I play some games on and Yoville, but that's about it. I understand there are these other games that are role-playing, time-consuming, and dangerously addicting games. Ronnie claims to be one of the biggest of those players. But, honestly, Ronnie claims to be a lot of things.

In the house Ronnie was caught saying he was an educator. I'm paraphrasing, but in a character assassination on Casey (Man in a banana suit), Ronnie said "I don't think you need to be a 5th grade teacher, going to bars, cussing, and smoking. As 'educators' both my wife and I are the same at home as we are at work." Well, Ronnie is NOT an educator, he's at most, a student, and possibly a tutor. This is one of the ways that Ronnie went totally, and in my opinion, SLANDEROUS LY, negative. One of the things his wife assured we Twitterers, that her husband would never do.

Ronnie also claimed to be some sort of debate champ, especially persuasive speech title-holder..again, false! I understand, through some other BB blogs and websites, that the actual holder of said title would like to have a few words with Ronnie. I doubt it'll be a

Another time Ronnie went completely personal calling Michelle (formerly his Brains Clique mate) crazy, having a pig nose, stupid, and several other just truly condescending and personally negative things. I think Ronnie was mad at Michelle because she didn't vote for her ex-clique mate; but, the cliques had been dissolved a week prior to Ronnie's eviction anyway. In his last plea for votes, Ronnie called Michelle the 'worst person he'd ever met'. Not to speak for Michelle, but I think the feeling is mutual.

Thank you America for voting Jeff the recipient of the Coup d'etat super power. This power allows Jeff to remove one or both of Chima's (newly crowned HOH) nominees this week from the block and replace them with his own...on the live show...2 minutes before the live eviction vote. I fucking love this!!!!

Hopefully Jeff, being a football player, will not only realize and appreciate the defensive aspect of the Coup d'etat, in that if he and his adorable BFF, Jordan, should find themselves on the block, he can remove them. But, also, the offensive nature of the super power, the ability to put up Jessie and Natalie (barring the fact that either of them should win the VETO) and click click BOOM, one of them (hopefully Jessie) is the first person to SEQUESTER!

I appreciate the game of Big Brother and I realize I'm sitting in a seat with a birds-eye view of the action (I have the 24/7 feeds) and none of the risk. There is no money they could pay me to go in a house with 10-12 people and live for 90 days with no outside contact. I'd probably kill someone in their kidding! I'd just maim them. But anyway...

Good luck to Jeff and Jordan, my final 2 pick. Russell, please get a clue; Lydia, also get a clue: Jessie is a TOOL; Natalie, please take a bath and admit your a man (lol); Chima, stop laughing at your own jokes; Michelle pick a side; Kevin..lose Lydiot..that girl is too far up Jessie's butt to ever be totally true to you and if you do you might end up in the final 3.

Thanks for reading and I'd love to read your comments on Big Brother 11.