Thursday, June 02, 2011

You're Welcome

You're Welcome
by: Cindy Nicholson
2010 on Facebook

They say his smile is 'nice to see'.
(That smile was first put there by ME.)

'Deserved happiness' they readily give to him.
(He was empty...I filled him up again.)

They say he walks taller now, there's no hesitancy to be found.
(It took all the strength I could muster...straining...I picked him up from the ground.)

He was cheated. He was broken. He'd been thrown away like trash.
(I consoled and I mended and I polished him like brass.)

Although I didn't know it...for he swore to ME he was true...
God had different plans for the three of us:
My job was to make him a whole man again, for YOU.

Those sweet words he says to you
while 'making love' or just watching TV:
A promise here...heavy praise there...
ALL he first tried out on me.

As women we know just the words even the surest man wants to hear...
it's always something like: "Of course you're the best EVER dear."

He thanked me as his 2nd lover for assuring him I was pleased.
He'd been made aware there were 'several women' already on their knees...
A couple who were persistent (including YOU no doubt)...
and some 'single friends of friends' (you know the type) that he'd just heard about.

The last time that I saw him, for our date that night he couldn't even wait!
He said he had to come right away..our date he had to break.

"I don't want to be tied down again...I was for 30 years."
He watched my face as he said these words (I think he expected TEARS).

He wanted his freedom and he wanted it "NOW".
He was ready to play the field and he thanked me for showing him how:
-- to make a woman happy
-- to make a woman swoon
--to woo her and win her and move along to send the next one round the moon.

I've read his STATUS SHUFFLES...
hearts and flowers and 'love' abounds.
But be mindful of the subtext, which is:
"I'll see you around."

I'm sure you think I'm just bitter...or jealous...or something of that kind.
But from this day forward keep my words in the back of your mind.

It's stupid not to be aware, in the year 2010
of the 'love 'em and leave 'em'...'I just got my freedom'...
'you're just a revenge fuck' type of men.

Of course, I can't be certain that he's lying to you so then
I'll bring my cautionary tale to it's inevitable end.

Remember that *I* rebuilt him from the most defeated...broken...
mess you'll ever see.

So if HE makes you happy....YOU CAN JUST THANK ME.

(You're welcome.)