Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So many changes have happened since my last Big Brother 11 post I thought I'd catch you up on some things.

CBS paid heed to, not only my complaint, but the 1000's of other complaints they received concerning houseguest Chima Simone, and she was expelled from the game late Friday night/early Saturday morning. In the couple hours leading up to her expulsion the HG's had given a putt-putt type golf setup to practice on for the upcoming POV competition. Because Chima was on the nomination block, along with HG Lydia, her alliance-mates were seen urging her to come out and practice. Chima did agree to come practice but refused to put on her microphone. All the HG's are miked 24/7 with a small black mic-pack about the size of a pack of cigarettes with thin cord and a clip on mic. Big Brother was heard asking Chima to put on her microphone several times until finally her alliance-mate Kevin got her microphone and gave it to Gnatalie. As Gnat handed the micpack up to Chima on the golf aparatus, Chima says 'thank you' turns and lobs the mic pack into the nearby HOT TUB! The micpacks are quite expensive, something like $4,000 each. Chima kept refusing to be miked and the refused to go to the Diary Room when summoned. One of the last things Chima says is "I refuse to give 'them' the satisfaction of voting me out of this house".

Soon the producer, Allison Grodner, is heard calling Chima to the diary room over the intercom. After several urgings Chima goes into the diary room, prepares to sit on the couch (which is the same place we see the houseguests vote to evict on the live shows). Someone says 'no need to sit down' and Chima was ushered out the back of the diary room...GOODBYE CHIMA! and good riddance!!!

I don't need to say much more about Chima now that she's gone. She was just as bad as she was portrayed on Tuesday's episode times 100! Chima was a racist terror who felt entitled to whatever she wanted when she wanted it. She threatened production and her housemates. She was a brutal rape survivor who joked that she'd even use that horror to tell production that she was afraid of another houseguest. Chima has no shame. She did NOT want to be voted out of the house and she was NOT going to bear it, eventhough it is always a very real part of the game. Instead of rolling with some of the games' punches, taking being nominated like the 'strong woman' she is supposed to be, fighting for the POV which could have saved her from nomination, Chima chose to have a hissyfit and quit.

Since Chima had left the game BB deemed Michelle's HOH week complete. Within minutes of this announcement the HG's were thrown into a new HOH competition. Because a POV competition was not necessary, BB used the afore-mentioned golf game for this quickie HOH competition. Gloriously and luckily for the Fab Four, Jordan won! She got the HOH room for the remainder of the week (invited Michelle to stay, bring her pictures back, and share the room since her week was cut short..what a sweetheart).

It looks like Jordon's HOH might not turn out like we hoped, i.e. Gnatalie evicted, but we have done all that we can do.

We gave Jeff the Coup d'etat to get even...not even as in revenge, but even as in the numbers. That has been done. Two major players are out of the house as a result.

Unfortunately for Jeff and Jordan, they do not understand the game of Big Brother and they are truly trusting, gentle souls. These are the kind of people that the Big Brother Diary Room machine eats up and spits out.*

Because the 'Tard Trio (Kevin, Gnatalie, Lydiot) needed a miracle...they spent several hours after Jordan won the HOH trying to figure out a plan to break up the Fab stepped the Diary Room. The DR agreed to not only craft a lie but instill doubt and paranoia into the members of the Fab Four: Jeff, Jordan, Michelle and Russell. The DR agreed to help because, as Lydiot told us, the DR thinks the 'Tard Trio are "fun".

Kevin has been chosen to be the one to carry the small-pox laced blankets to the Fab Four in the form of a lie that goes like this:

[LIE] Kevin was in the storage room on Saturday and heard Russell secure a Final Two deal with Michelle. Also, the two were 'overheard' saying that next week they will put Jeff up if either of them gets HOH.[LIE]

There is not much more that we can do now but watch to see if Jeff confronts Russell about this lie and pray that whatever Russell says gets through to Jeff.

Russell caused Jeff to doubt him, originally, by voting to keep Jessie. Russell was OUT THE DOOR until Jeff pulled him off the block and replaced him with Jessie, with the Coup d'etat. Five minutes later Russell repays Jeff by voting to keep Jessie out of some warped sense of loyalty to Jessie. Loyalty might get you to the final 6 or 7, but then you have to play for YOURSELF.
It's possible it was a play for Jury Vote from Jessie if Russell should find himself in the Final 2.

Good luck to the Fab Four and may they play smart, think before they speak, get a clue and realize they have all been manipulated both inside and out of the Diary Room.

*I don't know about you, but I have already watched the Diary Room evict one of my favorite players, Natalie "Chatty Natty" BB9(another truly trusting, gentle soul). The DR manipulated Baller and Ryan to split their votes leaving Sheila (ungrateful bitch who was only HOH b/c Natalie dropped from the glass house on purpose, handing Sheila the HOH 'because it's her birthday') to break the tie and oust her.

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