Friday, September 11, 2009

Team Jordan Twibbon

I have added the link to get your Team Jordan Twibbon, the little pic of Jordan with the words 'Team Jordan' for your Twitter avatar, >> over there just under the little bird inviting you to 'Follow Me on Twitter'. If you don't watch Big Brother 11, then you won't know Jordan, but she's the sweetest thing and she has made it to the Final 3! The winner of BB11 will be crowned Tuesday night along with the winner of America's Choice for players who are in the Jury (they are in sequester, and they vote for the winner, sort of like Survivor). I hope that Jordan wins the $500K 1st place prize and that Jeff, her gorgeous romantic interest (notice I didn't say 'showmance'..I hate that word), wins the America's Choice prize of $25K.

I have met so many smart, funny, kind, and informative people on Twitter that I would suggest joining Twitter to anyone who has a computer. Right now, of course, I am really involved in the Big Brother 11 group (big shocker, right? LOL)..but there is also a Fibromyalgia group, a group for The Closer TV show, writers, all the major and local news sources, movie, television & music celebrities and so much more! Any subject that you can think of, any interest that you may have, there are people with the same interests on Twitter. Please let me know if you follow me and I'll follow you back.

Lots of love, Cindy

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