Friday, November 11, 2011

Some Recommendations

I don't rec a lot, but I have recently begun to read several AH (all-human) Twilight fanfictions and I thought I'd share, in case that's your cup of tea.

Welcome to Las Vegas by Firewings 312

An Eternity to Love by Mizzdee

Unexpected Circumstances by Savage7289 (recently completed)  This one was lucky enough to have a small portion read by Michael Sheen -- who plays Aro in the Twilight Saga movies -- here's the youtube video:

You Belong to Me by TwidictedByrd  (strong subject matter, but that part doesn't last long)

A Forbidden Love by TwiLoverSue

Torn by Dooba (also, strong subject matter that is the basis for this story but not the focus)


Behind Steel Bars by TwilightAddict71484

This is not ALL of the AH that I'm reading and not a complete list, by far, but just the latest to update and ones that I feel certain will be completed eventually.

As you know, one of my pet peeves is great fanfictions that start off with a bang and then are just abandoned...I wouldn't rec if I thought we'd all be left high and dry. These stories either update on a regular basis, the authors have completed other stories, or I have corresponded with them and feel certain they won't bail on us just as we get really interested.

I hope you enjoy these recs and I will send through some vampire-based recs in the next few days. Of course, there are many more of them, but as I'm sure you do, I have discriminating tastes and want to make sure I send you only the best!

Enjoy your weekend!

*hugs* Dance

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